Post 2: The Origin Of Sex Taboo

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In the earliest times of the human existence, people lived on the
planet earth in a similar way like all other mammals. Consequently
we can say that the human females had all the freedom and
independence in these early times.

Then late, because of the necessity, in order to fight for the survival,
or, to occupy new areas because of the ambition, and to dominate,
somebody made an exceptional discovery, (a trick that should reach
a demographic advantage): The suppression of the rights of the
women! The suppression of the woman’s right had as goal to treat
the women as bare “migrant wombs ‘… so that, society got a
demographic advantage!
In fact, when the wars were  ́body-to-body ́, the numerical factor
(number of available fighters) was of crucial importance… as this
factor decided (often) the battles in the end.

Then, because of the necessity, to fight for the survival or because of
the ambition to occupy new areas and to dominate, somebody made
a remarkable new discovery: SEX TABOO!
The sex taboo had the goal to guarantee a better profitability of the
human means of the society! In fact, the human being is no alien: just
like it happened with many other mammals, in general the human
females are “especially sensitive” with the stronger males…
Let’s analyze the sex taboo:
– The society prevents the access of the women to economic
– Women, who didn’t marry, were the goal of the social criticism; [so
Apparently women were forced to get married];
– There should be no sex before the marriage,
– Women should not have any enjoyment of the sex;
– Women, who felt sexually frustrated, were not allowed to talk about
it with anybody since the sexual male capability wasn ́t allowed to be
– Divorce was forbidden.
Obvious conclusion: the true goal of the sex taboo was to put a real
trap to the woman… so that one brought these to accept sexually
weaker males! In other words, the true purpose of the sex taboo was
to integrate socially weaker males!

So, logically, leading a good management of the human means
[sexually weaker men were also high-motivated… in order to fight
for the survival of their society), the sex taboo led to an advantage of
the each society!!!…

At that time, the leaders of the societies paid attention… that is, they
knew that in order to build a disciplined army, it was necessary to
fulfill previously a big long-term sociological work… in order to train
́rough Männer ́, .
[A comment: An inefficient capacity forming the ” rough men”…
caused that many societies didn’t succeed in surviving century until
the 20th century.]

Here some curious cases
1) Women had to remain at home and to take care of the children
(this is, it was necessary to guarantee the capacity of the
demographic renewal), because the enemy led a demographic war of
attrition otherwise… and in the end of a generation (without a
demographic renewal of the ‘other side’) the enemy would win the
war very easily;
2) Widows were not allowed to get married again since it was not
good for the morale of the fighters to think…. that, if they die on the
battlefield… their wife would amuse herself with another;
3) There was a strong suppression of the homosexuals… since the
society needed “rough men” in order to fight the battles [true body-to-
body bloodbaths].

However… there was a discovery, that caused an authentic
sociological revolution: the development of high-tec-weapons (for
example atomic weapons).
With the high-tech-weapons, the numerical factor lost much of its old
meaning… the decision of the wars! Consequently in the societies
(with high-tech-weapons equipped), there is no more need for a
demographic race… in order to guarantee a capacity of the self-

(Comment: approximately 50 percent of female babies and male
babies are born)
In traditionally monogamous societies only a small percentage of
men is childless.
As to expect, the high-tech-weapons caused the decline of the sex
taboo. And with the decline of the sex taboo (also as expected) the
share of the men without children in traditionally monogamous
societies rose strongly.
[Comment: In contrast, the most successful males had children of
consecutive marriages…]

Furthermore, with the end of the sex taboo, the following
phenomenon also arrived: Many males of monogamous societies
were looking for economically weak females [softer]… from other
However these men (with good health), who didn’t follow this way,…
should have the legitimate right, to have access to ARTIFICIAL
WOMBS!… [surrogate mother]

The modern European society cannot go on being so hypocritical! …
That is, it cannot want to go on to classify certain behaviours as
́preconceived ́…, certain behaviours, that were ABSOLUTELY
NECESSARY for its survival! … That is:
1) The traditionally monogamous societies must accept their history!
2) The traditionally monogamous societies must accept that the
survival doesn’t fall from heaven!
3) The traditionally monogamous societies must assume that survival
was only possible, thanks to a big sociological work… specially a
good human management, specialy the fact, that they succeeded
motivating better the sexually weaker males, so that they were
interested in the survival of their identity. Expressed differently, now,
they are protected, thanks to the existence of the high-tech-weapons,
the traditionally monogamous societies can ́t throw the sexually
weaker males simply so into the “waste paper basket” of the society.

[Comment: The Islamic people suppress the right of the women –
they are treated just like ́walking wombs ́ – with the goal to get a
demographic advantage. If they had not lost 732 AD (in Poitiers), in
Europe nowadays every woman would walk around in Burkas.]

In old armies… homosexuality was promoted…
“Old armies ‘… This means, if this motivating strategy is uses, any
army didn’t survive until the present day: they all were erased!
The generals are not dumb, they simply recognized that instead of
promoting the homosexuality, they should follow other, even more
effective motivation strategies…

WAKE UP: Muslims use a ‘trick’ to get reach a «demographic advantage»: The suppression of the rights of the women!…



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